Benifuji hot spring

It takes approximately 5 mins! It is popular and famous for the open-air bath with a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji!
There are 2 types of open-air baths: “Stone” and “Hinoki (Japanese cypress).” The large indoor public bath features a variety of baths, including full-body baths, jet baths, lie-down baths, and lukewarm baths gushing out from underground.
Additionally, there are a dry sauna and mist sauna, so you can use them according to your preferences.

Benifuji hot spring 【Water quality】
Even though the hydrogen ion concentration (pH) is 10.3, which is a very high number of alkalinity, the component of the hot spring is mild, so it is considered one of the highly rare good-quality alkaline onsen with few chemical ingredients in the world. Alkaline hot springs can remove dirt and dead skin, so they are called “Bijin-no-yu” and “Bihada-no-yu.” “Bijin” means beauty and “Bihada” means beautiful skin.

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